ÆCO – Project Management

is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals (architects, engineers, technicians, specialists, etc.) of senior, intermediate and junior levels.

We have a professional ethic that is based on integrity, loyalty, rigour and transparency to our clients to provide them with professional services.

Team member Christine Pinsonneault

Christine Pinsonneault,

Eng., M.Eng., AE LEED

Christine Pinsonneault is the vice-president of ÆCO – project management and has been working in construction since 2004. She has been an active participant in several projects with many different clients in the education, civil and paragovernmental sectors. Through the years, she has risen to the top of her field in schedule control and fast-track project management. As VP of the firm, she is committed to business development and the on-going implementation of innovative methods and technology.

Team member Véronique Bérubé

Véronique Bérubé,

Project Manager, Partner

Véronique Bérubé is a partner at ÆCO – Project Management since 2019. With over 20 years of experience, she specializes in real estate development and planning in real estate asset management and large-scale projects. Clients looking for a long-term vision for their property portfolio benefit from her holistic approach in project management. Véronique also oversees the finance department.

Team member Clara Legault

Clara Legault,

Director Marketing + Communications

Clara Legault has been working in the construction industry since 2013. At the head of the marketing and communications departments, Clara demonstrates her take-charge attitude in an ever-evolving field. She works tirelessly to maintain a brand identity that accurately communicates the values of the company.

Team member Siamak Barin

Siamak Barin,

Arch., MRAIC

Siamak Barin has been working in architecture since 1994 and is the founder and president of ÆCO – Projet Management. Siamak is specialized in planning, design and project management in the healthcare sector.

Team member Jordane Bourassa

Jordane Bourassa,

Director of Human Resources

Jordane Bourassa made the transition into the construction sector in 2016 as a Human Resources consultant. As the current director of human resources at ÆCO – Project Management, she is renowned for her personable approach to management, the value she places on human connection and her commitment to finding sustainable solutions.

Team member Viviana Salcedo-Rivera

Viviana Salcedo-Rivera,

Director of Accounting

Viviana Salcedo has been gathering experience in accounting since 2011. As the director of the finance department, Viviana is appreciated for her thoroughness and her efficiency.

Team member Maria Araujo

Maria Araujo,

‍Office Manager

Maria was part of our team from 2007-2009 and joins us once more as Executive Assistant to President Siamak Barin. Maria has always been proactive and sensitive to meet all needs arising within the team or within our client community. Her extraverted and warm personality infuses the office with an exceptional positive vibe.

Team member Alex Diba

Alex Diba

REVIT Modeler

Alex Diba began his career in the construction industry in 1994 in Isaphan Iran. Alex has consistently demonstrated expertise in coordination and reaches his goals through tight collaboration with all interested parties. He sets himself apart through his rigorous work ethic and reliability.

Team member Benjamin Lafleur

Benjamin Lafleur,

Project Manager

Benjamin Lafleur is a civil engineer specialized in project management and environmental engineering. Benjamin also has 20 years of experience in theatre management. This atypical profile for a project manager allows a fresh perspective on issues and often leads to innovative solutions and motivating leadership for the team members involved.

Team member Bogdan Dragomir

Bogdan Dragomir,

Eng., CAPM
Project Manager

Bogdan began his career in 2018 in the education sector. Keeping pace with the changes in the industry, Bogdan is heavily committed to his professional development and continuous education. Devoted and reliable, Bogdan assures the success of all projects that are entrusted to him.

Team member Benoît Latulippe

Benoît Latulippe

Project Manager

Since the start of his career in 2000, Benoit Latulippe has held many roles in the industry such as technologist, designer, site supervisor, assistant project manager and for some time now has been excelling in his role as project manager. Through these experiences, Benoît has established himself as familiar with the inner workings of the industry. The insight renders Benoît a true force to be reckoned with in our team of professionals.

Team member Bryan Javia

Bryan Javia,

Project Manager

Bryan began his career in 2006. His experience in architecture and civil engineering have made him a competent resource capable of a holistic vision of projects. An excellent communicator, Bryan effortlessly creates cohesion within the team of professionals that he leads.

Team member Carla Richasse

Carla Richasse

Human Resources Intern

Team member Charles Vincent

Charles Vincent

Technical Assistant

Team member Christophe Chancel

Christophe Chancel,

Eng., PMP
‍Project Manager

Christophe Chancel started his career in 2009. Having worked as a mechanical engineer in the health and pharmaceutical sectors, Christophe possesses highly sought-after qualities in project management, such as adaptability, efficient communication, and a calm and reassuring disposition.

Team member Idir Denane

Idir Denane,

Project Manager

Idir Denane began his career in 2005. A materials quality control specialist in the civil sector, Idir is celebrated for being poised to adapt to different environments and the seriousness of his dedication.

Team member Jeannette M.-Elliott

Jeannette M.-Elliott,

Interior Designer, ©APDIQ
Project Manager

Jeannette M.-Elliott began her career in 2001. She has become the reference for interior design, logistics, and fit-outs in the institutional and paragovernmental sectors. Jeannette’s varied experiences have made her a versatile resource able to easily adapt to change.

Team member Jean-Louis

Jean-Louis Bessé,

Project Manager

Jean-Louis Bessé has been working in engineering since 2007. Jean-Louis is renowned among his peers as poised and thoughtful project manager. Jean-Louis finds the best possible solution to any problem by prioritizing collaboration and the interests of the projects.

Team member Judie Ratelle

Judie Ratelle,

Jr. Eng.
Project Manager

Having earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a PMP certificate, Judie Ratelle is an excellent project manager. Her versatility and knowledge in both management and engineering, allow her to deeply understand the technical elements of any project facilitating communication and a follow up with multidisciplinary teams.

Team member Julien Neves-Pelchat

Julien Neves-Pelchat,

Project Manager

Julien Neves-Pelchat is a seasoned project manager in the health sector. His optimism and down to earth personality facilitate the assessment of options available to resolve any situation. His affinity for teamwork allows him to create a friendly and dynamic atmosphere between the stakeholders and professionals involved in the various projects.

Team member Manuel Bouchard

Manuel Bouchard

HR coordinator

Team member Marilyne Ricard

Marilyne Ricard,

Arch. Tech, B.B.A
Project Manager

Ms. Marilyne Ricard holds a DEC in architectural technology and a bachelor's degree in business administration. Soon to graduate with an MBA, she specializes in construction project management in the institutional sector. During her professional career, her talent and skills have proven her to be indispensable in institutional management. She knows how to analyze problems and ensure effective continuity in her projects.

Team member Martin Luis Gallardo

Martin Luis Gallardo,

Project Manager

Martin Luis Gallardo started working in architecture in 1988. His work in interior fit-outs has demonstrated that Martin is versatile and independent in the completion of his projects. His depth of technical knowledge regarding drafting programs such as REVIT and his demonstrated professional capacities in BIM management has made Martin a real asset to ÆCO – Project Management.

Team member Sandra Poissant

Sandra Poissant,

Project Manager

Sandra Poissant has been working in the construction industry since 2011. She is specialized in procedure implementation and in asset maintenance, predominantly in the education sector. Her background has allowed her to develop superior communication skills and a deep understanding of the technical aspects related to a variety of disciplines.

Team member Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen

IT Consultant

Team member Raul Damian

Raul Damian,

Project Manager

Raul Damian began his career in construction engineering in 2016. Having worked mainly in the education sector, Raul is well versed in norms and regulations for related projects. Passionate and solution oriented, Raul adapts well to different situation and seeks out innovation.

Team member Redouane Malti

Redouane Malti,

Project Manager

Redouane Malti began his career in 2011. By his experience in telecommunications and civil engineering, Redouane is known for the rigor he demonstrates in his management of institutional projects, his attention to detail and his technical knowledge. Redouane is appreciated by the clients for his candor, his maturity, and his motivation.

Team member Syvlie Debuit

Syvlie Debuit,


Sylvie Debuit has been a part of ÆCO – Project Management since 2012. At the heart of the accounting department, Sylvie is known for her efficiency and her dedication.

Team member Thomas Cardinal

Thomas Cardinal,

Jr. Eng., CPI
Project Manager

Always up for a challenge, Thomas Cardinal is the ideal candidate to lead your project. Thanks to his work ethic and his quest for knowledge, Cardinal has developed a rigorous attention to detail and a wide range of skills. A graduate of the bachelor's degree in construction engineering from ÉTS, he is currently in a master's program specializing in environment life cycle analysis.

Team member Véronique Demers

Véronique Demers,

Project Manager

Véronique holds a master's degree in architecture and specializes in planning and cost control. Ms. Demers began her career in architecture with major projects at the CHUM and in project management in the education and health sectors. Véronique has an approach that engages professionals by prioritizing team synergy and effective communication between the various stakeholders.